A girl with Angelic voice! Angelica Hale’s performance at the AGT earns her the ‘Golden Buzzer’

On a memorable night on “America’s Got Talent,” 11-year-old Angelica Hale captured the hearts of everyone in the audience with her breathtaking performance.

Before she even took the stage, Simon Cowell encouraged her song choice, sensing the potential for a special moment. Angelica, whose name perfectly matches her voice, did not disappoint.

As soon as Angelica began to sing, the atmosphere transformed into a serene escape, her voice leading the audience to a tranquil and beautiful place. Her choice of song started gently, then gradually built in intensity, mirroring the rising excitement of the audience.

The judges watched with evident joy, their smiles broadening as Angelica delivered each note with a professionalism that belied her young age. Simon Cowell was particularly impressed, nodding his approval throughout the performance, visibly moved by her talent.

The climax of her song brought the crowd to its feet, eliciting cheers and applause that filled the auditorium. The judges were quick to praise her, acknowledging her skill and the maturity of her performance. However, the moment took a slight turn when judge Mel B voiced some criticisms, which seemed out of sync with the otherwise positive feedback.

This critical moment was swiftly overshadowed by an even more dramatic one when host Howie Mandel intervened with a heartfelt “come on now,” and pressed the coveted golden buzzer. Angelica, overwhelmed by the sudden turn of events, stood in shock and disbelief. Tears flowed, not just from her but from many in the audience, moved by the emotional depth of the moment.

We must add that his was her second audition and the girl had to go through so much trouble just to be here: Check the first audition, and then below you will find the second one with the golden buzzer…

Check the video of the First Audtion… Keep scrolling for the Golden Buzzer:

Check the Golden Buzzer Video

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