Incredible News: A Tenant Becomes a Homeowner!

Woman that’s been renting same home for years finds out deceased landlord left home under her name

Have you ever wished that your rental home could be your very own? Well, that dream came true for 75-year-old Jane Sayner from St. Albans, Melbourne. For over twenty years, she had been a tenant in a two-bedroom apartment owned by multimillionaire John Perrett. Little did Jane know that her life was about to change in the most unexpected way.

When John Perrett passed away in September 2020, Jane was unsure of what the future held. She feared that her contract would be terminated or that she would have to pay higher rent to a new landlord. But against all odds, something remarkable happened. Jane, along with another long-term tenant, were given ownership of their apartments! Can you believe it?

Jane Sayner

John Perrett, a generous and caring person, decided to leave his properties to the tenants who had been loyal to him for many years. Jane never imagined that she would become a property owner, especially at her age. It was a dream come true that she never even dared to dream.

As it turns out, John Perrett was a remarkable individual. After receiving a kidney transplant, he amassed an enormous fortune. But rather than keeping it all for himself, he chose to make a difference. John donated a staggering AUD$18.6 million to the Royal Melbourne Hospital’s Nephrology Department. He also left one of his flats, which was sold for AUD$400,000, to the hospital.

Royal Melbourne Hospital

Jane fondly remembers the day when her life took a remarkable turn. John unexpectedly called her and informed her of his decision. He said, “My solicitor’s here, can you please give me your full name because I’m leaving you your unit.” Jane was in disbelief. She never expected such an incredible act of kindness.

While Jane was saddened by her landlord’s passing, she was also incredibly relieved to have a place she could call her own. Over the years, she had shown her love for the apartment by tending to the garden and planting beautiful flowers. To this day, her efforts continue to bloom and bring joy to her life.

Jane's Garden

This heartwarming story is a testament to the power of kindness and the impact one person can have on another’s life. Jane’s story reminds us that unexpected blessings can come our way, even in our later years. Let’s celebrate acts of love and generosity like this and share the joy with our family and friends.

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