Family, friends, and fans of Snoop Dogg are asked to pray for him.

The rapper went to social media to request prayers for his mother, whom he described as a strong and admirable woman. He thanked his fans and praised his mother’s strength in raising a family. Sadly, she passed away in October 2021.

Snoop’s connection with his mother was great, as seen in the song “Thank You For Having Me,” which he dedicated to her on Mother’s Day 2019. In the song, Snoop honors his mother for everything she has done for him throughout his life.

He also expresses gratitude for the lessons she has taught him, such as staying cheerful and strong in the face of adversity.

“I’m old school. When it comes to event planning, I believe giving a wholesome and positive experience is essential. I want people to remember the event and say they had a good time. Rather than focusing on specifics, I prioritize creating a joyful and enjoyable atmosphere.”

Snoop Dogg has posted photos from the burial of his late mother, Beverly Tate. The rapper took to Instagram to share pictures from the day, including one of him and his mother in happier times. He wrote in the caption: “Momma, I miss you. Today was all about you. Rest in peace.”

Beverly Tate, Snoop Dogg’s mother, passed away at 70. He used social media to express his grief, uploading countless photos of her. “Many thanks for having me, Mama,” he wrote.

Celebrities worldwide gathered behind the West Coast rapper when he revealed on Instagram that his mother was an angel. The Game thanked God for providing him with such a great mother.

Many celebrities, including Russ, KXNG Crooked, Paris Hilton, The Rock, Fat Joe, Cardi B, Busta Rhymes, Fabolous, and Timbaland, extended their condolences to Snoop Dogg and his family.

Snoop Dogg was dressed in full red matching clothes with his wife and wore a chain with a picture of him and his mother. He was accompanied by his siblings and other family members, including his grandchildren. Snoop Dogg buried his mother at a private service in Long Beach.

On social media, Snoop’s celebrity friends paid tribute to the rapper’s mother, including David Beckham, who said, “Sending love and serenity to the family.” Tyron Woodley and DJ Whoo Kid both sent texts with praying hands emojis.

Snoop Dogg dedicated his performance to his mother. He admitted that he wasn’t planning on performing that night, but in light of the events in Boston, he decided to come out and represent the people. Snoop stated that this is what his mother would have preferred.

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