When battling cancer, the mother’s hair falls out, so her son grows it out to make mom a wig.

In 2003, Melanie Shaha of Gilbert, Arizona, was told she had a brain tumor called a pituitary tumor, which is not dangerous.

The influence of this tumor on the function of the gland near the base of her brain caused her to have dull headaches, among other symptoms.

As a result, she tragically lost her hair, leaving her vulnerable and unprotected. Thankfully, her son stepped up and grew out his hair to supply his mother with a wig that would restore some pride in her look.

Melanie sought consolation during a tough time, and the wig made from her son’s hair is an excellent reminder of how far acts of love can go.

Melanie Shaha was startled to find that her radiation treatment could result in hair loss. She had surgery three times to remove a tumor from her body in 2006, 2017, and 2018, but the unfortunate side effect of hair loss lingered.

Melanie found it challenging to blend in with other people when she went out in public because she felt uncomfortable being the center of attention owing to her lack of hair; she found it difficult to blend in with other people when shopping or going about her daily life.

To make matters worse, over a family lunch in 2018, her son Matt made an offensive remark about it.

Matt’s growing out of his hair for his mother demonstrated sacrifice and devotion. It all started when he graduated from university, where his hair had previously been cut short.

After discovering a newfound freedom with his hair, he offered Melanie Shaha that he could grow enough hair to make her a wig. She first refused to bear the weight, but Matt persevered and had grown 12 inches by March 21st.

He then collected his coworkers to help cut it off and build the wig. Melanie’s reaction to this touching moment between her son and mother was extremely emotional, causing tears to fall down her cheeks.

Melanie received her hand-tied wig in June after the hair was shipped to Compassionate Creations in Newport Beach, California. This act will remind her of how much Matt cares for her in a way that words can’t say.

Veronica Balch, the company’s co-founder, was thrilled to work with the family and found it encouraging that one was prepared to shave their head for another family member.

Melanie was overjoyed with her wig, which had been custom-cut and expertly groomed in stunning color. Her husband, Matt, agreed when she said it looked great on her.

Melanie’s emotional cup had been filled with his love and support, for which she was eternally thankful.

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