Twin babies drown when their grandma with Alzheimer’s leaves the door open – rest in peace, grandmother.

Nothing is more devastating than a child’s death. This family suffered tremendous anguish as a minor error cost them dearly. Continue reading to find out more about this tragic incident.

Twin toddlers, a boy and a girl, drowned in their home’s pool after their great-grandmother, who has Alzheimer’s, reportedly left the door open.

The family lives in Oklahoma City, where Jenny Callazzo discovered her 18-month-old twins, Locklyn and Loreli, at the bottom of a murky pool on their property.

When their mother discovered them, both twins were unconscious. Both kids were pronounced dead two hours after they were discovered. Callazzo is a stay-at-home mother who owns and operates a boutique.

She lives in the $565,000 mansion where her children and other family members drowned. Her grandma, her six children, and her husband Sonny make up her family. Her spouse is 42 years old and works in marketing.

According to a relative, Callazzo’s grandma has dementia and left the back door of the house open. The twin toddlers saw the open door and crept out unnoticed.

Police are investigating, but they do not suspect foul play in these unfortunate young deaths.

Local reporters who flew above the house spotted a filthy pool covered with green algae where the twins are believed to have drowned. Just days before the horrific tragedy, Callazzo, 37, shared a picture of her kids outside with the message “just want to play outside.”

Neighbors recounted seeing the distressed lady in the back of an EMS truck while emergency officials attempted to resuscitate her children.

A GoFundMe account has been established to assist the family with the costs of medical bills and end-of-life care.

“These precious babies were taken from us far too soon.” Anything you can provide to cover expenses would be much appreciated. “We appreciate everyone’s love and support,” the GoFundMe page’s description added.

Laura Gamino, trauma injury prevention coordinator at OU Health, hopes parents understand how harmful water can be for young children.

“Anything can happen in an instant,” she said, warning.

“Children are drawn to water, and toddlers lack the abilities to assist themselves get out of it… “Drowning happens quickly and quietly,” she cautioned.

“Sometimes people expect a child to struggle in the water and scream, but they can’t because their mouth is full of water.” So it’s incredibly quiet, which is one of the scarier aspects about it.”

Gamino advises parents and caregivers to construct at least 4-foot-high fences with gates around their pools so that small children cannot open them.

This is a tragic tale. Our thoughts are with the family as they cope with this unfathomable tragedy. Please join us in praying for the family at this difficult time.

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